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Media planning Job Opening

Media planning Job Opening

Media planning Job Opening


The Media Planner plays a pivotal role in our agency, responsible for developing and executing effective media strategies that drive client success. As a Media Planner, you will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including creative, account management, and data analytics, to ensure our clients’ campaigns reach the right audiences at the right time and within budget. This role requires a deep understanding of media channels, market trends, and consumer behavior to craft compelling media plans that meet clients’ objectives.


  • Key Responsibilities:

    1. Media Strategy Development:

       – Collaborate with clients and internal teams to understand campaign objectives, target audience, and budget constraints.

       – Conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and trends.

       – Develop comprehensive media strategies that align with client goals, including channel selection, budget allocation, and timing.

    2. Media Planning:

       – Create detailed media plans that specify the media mix, flighting schedule, and estimated reach and frequency.

       – Utilize media planning tools and software to optimize plans for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

       – Ensure plans incorporate the latest industry best practices and innovations.

    3. Media Buying and Negotiation:

       – Collaborate with media vendors and negotiate favorable terms and rates for media placements.

       – Execute media buys across various channels, including TV, radio, digital, print, and outdoor.

       – Monitor media buys to ensure campaigns are delivered as planned and make adjustments as needed.

    4. Campaign Analysis and Optimization:

       – Monitor campaign performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess effectiveness.

       – Use data analytics to make data-driven decisions and optimize media plans in real-time.

       – Provide clients with regular reports and insights on campaign performance.

    5. Budget Management:

       – Manage and track media budgets, ensuring campaigns stay within budget while maximizing ROI.

       – Prepare accurate budget forecasts and recommend budget adjustments when necessary.

    6. Client Communication:

       – Maintain open and effective communication with clients, keeping them informed of campaign progress and results.

       – Address client questions, concerns, and requests in a timely and professional manner.

    7. Stay Current with Industry Trends:

       – Stay up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and media consumption habits.

       – Continuously improve skills and knowledge to deliver cutting-edge media strategies.


Requirements and skills

  • – Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, business, or related field 

  • – 3+ years of experience in media planning and buying within an advertising agency or related field.

  • – Strong knowledge of media channels, including digital, traditional, and emerging platforms.

    – Proficiency in media planning and buying software and tools.

    – Exceptional analytical and data interpretation skills.

    – Excellent negotiation and communication skills.

    – Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

    – Strong attention to detail and project management skills.

    – Demonstrated ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and technologies.

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