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Case Studies

Case Studies That Transfrormed Brands

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC

  • We developed a series of campaigns which are to launch across multiple platforms reaching major cities in Nigeria. 
  • Introduction of Brand Mascot- HALLY

British American Tobacco Foundation

Reached Over 5 million Nigerians, received over 100 applications, had over 1 million unique engagements across all platforms. Developed over 30 video, Static and GIF content.


  • Developed a strategic digital media and radio plan 
  • Deployed on Facebook, Google Ad network, programmatic display, Instagram and Twitter 


  • Developed a strategic traditional  media and content plan to reach young people with the key message of a #cando attitude
  • Deployed on entertainment TV stations, Cinemas, Billboard, Radio stations


  • Increased participation on topics by Nigerians
  • Increase from 0 states when deployment began to 7 States actively implementing the Values of Open Government.
  • Star perception of OGP Nigeria as a vibrant tool for change in Nigeria by international bodies (exemplified by inclusion in the International Steering board of the Organization).


  • Over 200,000 new customer sign ups in 3 months of managing the brand


  • We grew the brand’s online following by 77%, achieved a 2.44% conversion rate and gained reach of over 8 million on TV & about 3 million through strategic offline and online press.


  • Significant Increase in top of mind awareness (TOMA) about the Allianz brand name and presence in Nigeria

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